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Sustainable. Accessible. Compelling.
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Grow your impact in an environment of decline.

In 2023, the global economy is under strain and buyers' caution grows. turns customer doubt into loyalty.

We help you embrace the economic change and build stronger relationships with your audience through sustainable, accessible, and compelling website experiences.

From doubt to loyalty. We amplify your customers' trust with 3 tactics.

Some ask, "What exactly can you do?" Here’s how we answer.

Project details still a work in progress?

That’s totally fine with us.


Admin experience?

You’re going to enjoy it a whole lot more.

Play with blocks icon

Play with blocks

Block-based design allows you to arrange sections on the website freely, simply by stacking and moving them up and down.

Play with blocks
Switch easily icon

Switch easily

Headless CMS (the admin panel) is separate from the customer interface, so when your needs change, simply replace one or the other.

Switch easily
Go solo, or not icon

Go solo, or not

Self-hosted or cloud-based? Opt for a self-hosted site for full flexibility, or cloud-based for enhanced security despite some restrictions.

Go solo, or not

Since 2021, we’ve helped 10+ businesses. Now, it’s time for yours.

The proof is in our clients' feedback

  • Our site loads in 1s (PageSpeed Insights), placing us in top 1% fastest sites according to Google. We also cut our CO₂ to 0.19g/visit, and are in top 20% of most eco-friendly sites.

    Rafał Lipus, CEO at Lipus Safety

  • For an eye health company, accessibility is a must. helped us cater to the needs of users with visual impairments by securing us a 86/100 score at

    Karolina Mazij, Head of Development at Glaucotech

  • New clients say that our site is more trustworthy than our competitors. We also got to the No. 1 position for our key search on Google.

    Barbara Graca-Cwynar, CEO at Hossa

  • Our new site emits 95% less CO₂ than the world average, gets 100/100 in PageSpeed, and takes 3x less time to edit than Webflow or WordPress.

    Bianka Pluszczewska, Marketing Manager at

You’ll be working with easy-going folks who have your best interests at heart.

  • Patryk


    CEO & Web Engineer

    "I co-founded to help you build trust with your customers in a sustainable way. I'll be your primary consultant when it comes to making high-level choices. My focus is on overseeing customer service, making sure your site fulfills all our promises."

  • Karolina


    Quality Assurance Engineer

    "I’ll be testing your site, to make sure nothing blocks your customers. I’ll be gathering your feedback about the administration panel, to make sure our team makes the right technical decisions. It’ll be a pleasure to work on your site!"

  • Sebastian


    CTO & Web Engineer

    "I’m the tech team manager. I make sure your site uses the newest technical advancements. The more modern solution, the more we’re able to squeeze out of available resources = the better value you get for your buck, and the more sustainable your site gets."

  • Patryk


    Web Engineer

    "I’m a backend expert, working primarily with databases. My focus is on making your site the most efficient technology-wise, resulting in lightning-fast loading times. If you need a speedy site that will serve you long-term, when your business grows 300%, I’m your guy!"

  • Błażej


    Web Engineer

    "My role is to make sure your website is a pleasure to interact with and is easy to find on Google. I’ll be taking care of its speed, security, and SEO optimization. With me on your team, you can be certain your site will provide a first-class experience."

Your new human-friendly website will be powered by planet-friendly technology.

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